Julie and Roman at Crystal Springs Resort

Julie and Roman's wedding at Crystal Springs Golf Resort in Hamburg, NJ was one for the books! The weather was cold but, the venue is spectacular. Scenery, gardens and the mountains - It was stunning!

We had to up our game for this beautiful couple. We installed double sided mermaid sequin backdrop that changes color from Pink to White or vice versa as you swipe hands. We immediately received positive compliments from Julie as she first show it. Everyone loved our set up and mermaid double sided backdrops.

It’s so special to see two people so meant for each other and that is definitely Julie and Roman. We loved capturing so many fantastic moment of their Grand Cascades wedding along with their family and friends. This wedding definitely goes for the books!

Our clean set up for mermaid double sided sequin - Pink/Red to White vice versa.

Mermaid double sided sequin backdrop

This mermaid backdrop is very interactive with guest! You can swipe your hands and creative unlimited design and have a fun with it.

See some of the photographs from their photo booth session.

Watch their slide show videos with all the photographs!

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