5 Reasons why you should have our photo booth at your wedding reception!

Endless fun

Obviously, wedding photo booths are fun! The best thing about our photo booth is that we make it fun experience for all ages. I’ve seen everyone from kids to grandparents enjoy our photo booth. Our photo booth provides endless entertainment from the beginning of the night, all the way until the end. And we ensure Bride and Groom are the first one to experience the unlimited fun. Here is an example.

Social media interactive

Today, social media has become a trend, and it is a must-have feature. Our photo booth syncs all the photographs from the session to an iPad booth which is set up next to the photo booth. Not only we sync photographs, but we also create an animated GIF which is also synced over to an iPad booth. Guests can share photographs and animated GIF to their Email, Facebook, and Twitter account. Guests can even send a Text message to their mobile phone. All sharing happens immediately so you have a text message before you even leave the photo booth. We have received an overwhelming response for our iPad Booth set up. here is an example of animated GIF.

Prof. DSLR quality photographs

Today, most photo booth owners claim that they have DSLR plugged onto their photo booth but those DSLR are not professional gear, they are more of starter/amateur version of DSLR. We only use high-end professional DSLR and Lens that are used by professional wedding photographers so we can provide genuine sharp quality photographs. We also come from years of photography and cinematography background so knowledge on photography and lighting come in very handy unlike others who either under expose or overly expose the light.

Customized template

We customize your template based on your theme or décor. Each template is created in consideration of Bride and Groom requirements. Our templates also include name of Bride and Groom, wedding date, with a brief design. Therefore, Guests can reference the photographs as memories from a wedding.

Premium service offerings

We are a premium open air photo booth service, and we aim to bring the photo booth experience to the next level. We offer best high quality sequin backdrops. Our high quality props represent the wedding theme. Our set up is neat and goes beyond the expectation level of high-end reception and therefore, we are inside the ballroom more often than hallway. High Quality photographs bring wow moments to the guests. here are some examples:

Contact us if you are looking forward to fun experience along with premium service at your wedding reception.

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